Yes I Can

It is never too late for you to start your favorite career or advance in it. I believe that you can pursue your dream career if you REALLY want to. Lots of questions may pop up in your mind.. how?.. when?.., lots of frustrating  stoppers will glow in front of you blocking you from seeing the open door, not so far, taking you to what you really love to do. Opinions from family and friends may hinder your thoughts, but think of someone who did not seize any chance he/she had to catch his/her dream career, breathing, eating, sleeping, working and earning money but without the real joy of life.. self-actualization; feeling your added value. Lots of famous people started small but they all were persistent and stubborn to follow their dreams and do what they really like to do.

So don’t waste time and start believing more in yourself and that you really can do your beloved job, not matter to age, gender, location or current resources.

Simply believe in ‘Yes I can’.

~Ahmed T. El Sherbiny


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